Let’s start with the marvelous woman who’s had my back (and front…) for over two decades already, and without whom this site (and most of me) wouldn’t exist; I give you my webmaster and forever best of friends, Jessica Ingargiola, aka Bubulgum.comm’! Jessica’s skills are numerous, she’s a tremendous artist, graphic designer and webmaster extraordinaire – and she also makes the best cakes EVER!
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Jessica is also an outstanding singer that I adore, and with her brother Joël (my other best friend forever) and their brother-from-another-mother-and-father Chris (you guessed it, another one of my favourite humans), who are both brilliant musicians and singers, they have this group called Ratataplan. And together, they’ve conquered my heart, for want of the world – which they will conquer some day too, I’m sure!
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Selfpub Designs is my multi-talented friend Silvana G. Sánchez’s book covers designing company. She’s the one who made all my covers so far, and will continue to do so because I trust her completely. She knows the various international markets and always delivers. She understands what I want and brings my ideas to life, polishing them so they fit the trends and attract the readers’ eyes and hearts!
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Speaking of my awesome friend Silvana, she’s a writer too! Her Unnatural Brethren series is to die for – quite literally! If you like sensual vampires, sexy shifters, naughty witches and scandalous angels, you’ll find your heart’s desire and your soul’s pleasure in her stories.
Find out more about her work here:

Martin Podt is a brilliant Dutch photographer whose pictures inspire me daily. They are magical, beautiful and straight up out of a fantasy world – except it’s here on Earth! The Netherlands and Nature in all their beauty, captured by a wonderful man with an eye for the marvellous and the gorgeous in our reality.
Find out more about his stunning work here:

Mad Moisie is a fantastic French illustrator who combines digital painting and classical inspiration to bring forth astonishing pictures from the sometimes very dark depths of her imagination. Her skills and talent allow her to take on any project and bring to life every character and idea.
Find out more about her work here:

The Sleeping Foxy caught my eyes with her whimsical world and her super cute and fun character designs, so I commissioned her to have her artist’s input on my character, and she delivered! I love her rendition of Dax and Snooze, just what I imagined! You can find her on Instagram and Facebook too!
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